Haiku: Reynolds on Reynolds

18 Apr

Haiku #1

Say! Modern lad,
Drone madly as
Sad mold – Yearn!
By Rain Lollo 


Haiku #2

Dream on sadly,
Mad and sorely – 
As old randy me.
By Rain Lollo 


Haiku #3

Odd manslayer?
Led on sad army?
Er… only Saddam.
By Rain Lollo 


Haiku #4a

Dreams o’ Dylan
Adorn me sadly – 
Moral end days.
By Rain Lollo 


Haiku #4b

My sad Leonard
Drones, malady
man. Drôle days?
By Rain Lollo 


Haiku #5

Mad loner days.
Sly drama done
As old yam – NERD!
By Rain Lollo


One Response to “Haiku: Reynolds on Reynolds”

  1. Haiku Poems March 2, 2009 at 10:44 am #

    I munch some nuts
    unmindful of my
    aching back

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